Standing Tall- balance and strength classes for the elderly

Here at Back 2 Balance our philosophy is educating and empowering our local community towards living a more vibrant life. In that we love to link up with other health professionals that are like minded. This week myself and Kayleigh went along to a Standing Tall exercise class led by Ruth, a physiotherapist. Both Ruth and Julie are physiotherapists who specialise in getting the elderly fitter and stronger and less likely to fall. We met lots of lovely men and women in class who are there to improve their balance, coordination and muscle strength.

The hour class, involved us warming up our bodies with some gentle cardiovascular work. We then did some standing leg strength exercise by the chairs (just incase we lost our balance!). Even me, a fairly healthy 35 year old felt some muscles in my hips and bum that haven’t be isolated and used for a while! Ruth then got us to do some wall push ups (if we could manage it- easier variations given if required) and then we did a balance exercise. We got up and walked around a table doing heel walking and toe walking, again using the chairs as supports. The last 20mins of class, we went back to our chairs and used a theraband as resistance. Ruth lead us to work on our posture by strengthening our upper back. We finished up by a warm down.

All in all we were very impressed, and we could see how useful this type of class would be for many people, not just the elderly. In our eyes, most humans over the age of 50-60 years could do with improving muscle strength, balance and flexibility. We love what Ruth and Julie are doing for the more elderly of our community. All health professionals want the best for their clients. Here at Back 2 Balance our mantra is there is no upper age for health improvement and the common phrase “I’m just getting old, I should expect….” is banned from the clinic!

Going forwards we will all be recommending some of our elderly or disabled clients to go to the Standing Tall classes with Ruth and Julie. If you want to know more please call 07399 993426.

Classes are located in and around Brighton and Hove including Hangleton, Palmeria Square, Rottingdean, Portslade, Preston Park, although both Ruth and Julie are aiming to put more on- so get in contact with them if you want to know more. Prices range from £4-£7.50 and vary depending on NHS funding.

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