Deep tissue massage- why we love it so much?

    Camilla, deep tissue massage therapist extraordinaire, at Back 2 Balance, gives us some more insight into deep tissue massage and why we all love it so much!     What is deep tissue massage? Deep tissue massage is a technique which can aid in releasing muscle discomfort, tightness, muscle knots and loss of range of movement. It is designed to work deep within the tissue which can increase blood flow, break down scar tissue, release muscular adhesions, flush out toxins, and increase flexibility enabling the body to work more efficiently. Direct pressure with fingers, knuckles, forearms and even […] more

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Where pain comes from and how it can be managed

                                                                             Dr Mike Ford, chiropractor at Back 2 Balance in Brighton and Hove, is interested in the orgin of pain, and human responses to it. In this blog Mike gives us his insights into: “where it comes from, how it can be managed, and why it makes no sense!” What we call pain is one of the body’s many ways of communicating with us. […] more

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Magnesium and its benefits to health

    Carran, one of our Doctors of Chiropractic, is extremely active, and actively interested in healthy living. A part of that lifestyle balance are healthy levels of magnesium. Below Carran offers some info for getting good levels and why that is important.      Magnesium plays an important role in many reactions within the body including metabolism of food, synthesis of fatty acids and proteins and the transmission of nerve impulses. It is an essential micromineral, meaning that it needs to be consumed in relatively large quantities – at least 100mg per day. The human body contains approximately magnesium which is stored in […] more

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Sleep and it’s importance for good health

  Carran, one of our Doctors of Chiropractic, is extremely active, and actively interested in healthy living. A part of that lifestyle balance is a good night’s sleep, and below Carran offers some ideas and tips for sweet dreams.   Sleep is an essential part of feeling well and feeling happy, but almost everyone experiences problems sleeping at some time of their life. Sleep dysfunction is common, especially during times when you may feel emotionally overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed about the events of the day may significantly interfere with your sleep. Lack of sleep steals you of much needed rest […] more

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School’s Back!

Back2School!   Rebecca loves to look after all people, especially those who are still growing, their bodies forming. With this in mind, Becky shares her thoughts for a guide to a happy, healthy start to the academic year. School’s back!         In the past we have written a few blogs on this subject. From choosing the right shoe reducing stress and anxiety experienced by some kids, and school bags…..see here In this current blog I want to give you parents a succinct ‘go to’ guide for creating a great healthy and happy start of the new academic […] more

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What is stress? Healthy or Not Healthy?

 Mike, our passionate Chiropractor, is  concerned about the impact of stress on people. In this blog, Mike explores the initial  symptoms relating to stress, and invites you to reflect on your own experiences relating to stress.                                                         (Part two will follow soon.) Recognise the 3 phases of stress, and what to do about them! Stress is often referred to as an emotional state, or a ‘state of mind’, this is far from the truth! Stress […] more

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Can colouring really help battle stress?

Candice Taylor, chiropractor at Back 2 Balance in Brighton and Hove, has a deep interest than the nerve endings, the spine in all its intricacies, and muscle function (though this is her primary work!). Candice is also very aware that the mind plays an important part in the treatment of physical ills. In this blog, Candice explores a simple, yet effective tool to assist in stress reduction. You may have noticed adult colouring books lining the walls of your favourite book-store maybe even picked one up and had a look. Colouring for adults is a trend that has boomed over […] more

What does Stress do to our Bodies

  Candice Taylor, chiropractor at Back 2 Balance, is expertly positioned to advise on ‘stress’ matters, being both a chiropractor and trained hypnotherapist. She has a very special interest in the psychology of stress and its physiological impacts to the human body. She uses relaxation techniques and mind quietening exercises to help people suffering from anxiety and worry, especially as it is so commonly involved with chronic suffers of back pain and headaches.   We all encounter stress in our day-to-day lives, but how many of us really know what happens to our bodies during stressful events? When you come under […] more

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Stress Management

  What can you do to combat stress? Mel Davis, chiropractor at Back 2 Balance clinic in Hove tells us her top tips for stress management, because, lets face it, life isn’t perfect and we all face stressful situations. It’s how we react that makes the difference.   As Chiropractors we see on a regular basis that the foundation to many physical ailments if they haven’t come from some type of traumatic injured (be it small or large) is largely down to stress. For example…money worries force a person to work harder/longer hours. If they are a desk worker this […] more

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The answer to less stress and more happiness is to stop running! Will mindfulness help you?

  By Lisa Westbury Lisa Westbury is a certified personal development and career coach She coaches women for clarity, confidence and balance. Together you will create the strategies, tools and results you want.   No, I’m not giving you the excuse to drop exercise. I mean the running that you do in your mind. But, just like exercise, it can become a habit, even an addiction to stress. My own stress addiction is over-planning future events. Some of my clients say they are running a brain race their whole day – re-running the things they wished they hadn’t done, worrying […] more

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