Where pain comes from and how it can be managed

                                                                             Dr Mike Ford, chiropractor at Back 2 Balance in Brighton and Hove, is interested in the orgin of pain, and human responses to it. In this blog Mike gives us his insights into: “where it comes from, how it can be managed, and why it makes no sense!” What we call pain is one of the body’s many ways of communicating with us. […]

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Sleep and it’s importance for good health

  Carran, one of our Doctors of Chiropractic, is extremely active, and actively interested in healthy living. A part of that lifestyle balance is a good night’s sleep, and below Carran offers some ideas and tips for sweet dreams.   Sleep is an essential part of feeling well and feeling happy, but almost everyone experiences problems sleeping at some time of their life. Sleep dysfunction is common, especially during times when you may feel emotionally overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed about the events of the day may significantly interfere with your sleep. Lack of sleep steals you of much needed rest […]

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The Brain and Bad Habits

Hayley, one of the Back2Balance Chiro Assistants, is very interested in the working of the brain. Why do we do things we implicitly know are not good for us? Hayley explores bad habits, including our posture, and how to change them for the better. We all have bad habits, from sitting on our phones constantly, eating too much junk food, to smoking and drinking more than we should.            We all share bad habits but I think one of the most common is bad posture. I know I’m guilty of this one, and so I wanted to […]

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Can colouring really help battle stress?

Candice Taylor, chiropractor at Back 2 Balance in Brighton and Hove, has a deep interest than the nerve endings, the spine in all its intricacies, and muscle function (though this is her primary work!). Candice is also very aware that the mind plays an important part in the treatment of physical ills. In this blog, Candice explores a simple, yet effective tool to assist in stress reduction. You may have noticed adult colouring books lining the walls of your favourite book-store maybe even picked one up and had a look. Colouring for adults is a trend that has boomed over […]

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