Brain development. Is yours normal and healthy?

Rebecca Nicholas, chiropractor and clinical director at Back 2 Balance in Brighton and Hove, works with many children and babies with cranial work and gentle spinal adjustments. Recently she has been furthering her knowledge of human brain development and the implications of inadequate maturity.      Normal brain development will happen through the progression from the Reptilian brain, Neo Mammalian brain to the Neocortex. We start out in life helpless, with just a few reflex movements hard-wired to make sure we can feed, breathe and move our neck, body and limbs. As we practise these movement patterns during the first few months of life, we […] more

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Developmental Delay and Chiropractic

Rebecca Nicholas, Doctor of Chiropractic is the principle chiropractor and director at Back 2 Balance. She has taken extensive training to educate herself on all matters concerning pregnancy and paediatrics, including the interesting topic of developmental delay.   Early brain development is one of the most important pathways to lifelong learning, behavioural competence, positive social relationships and health. In their first years, almost all children learn to move, balance, speak, and read emotions. They go on to master more complex tasks like reading, music, and understanding themselves. Though not all children learn these things equally well. This is often called childhood developmental […] more

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Where pain comes from and how it can be managed

                                                                             Dr Mike Ford, chiropractor at Back 2 Balance in Brighton and Hove, is interested in the orgin of pain, and human responses to it. In this blog Mike gives us his insights into: “where it comes from, how it can be managed, and why it makes no sense!” What we call pain is one of the body’s many ways of communicating with us. […] more

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Gut Health and your Microbiome (part 1)

  Doctor of Chiropractic, Michele Oman, is passionate about human movement and motor skills, music, literature, DIY and nutrition. In this blog he introduces the microbiome and gut health.     As a chiropractor, when I’m with my clients I often stress the importance of having a good diet. What is the reason behind this? Well, we all know, more or less, which food is good for us and which is not, but are we all aware of the importance of having healthy microbes in our gut? In the next few weeks I’m going to give some more information about […] more

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Does the sun affect our behaviour?

It may be cold outside, but the sun still shines. To remind us about those sunny days, and for those luck enough to be be visiting sunny destinations, our very own ray of sunshine, Hayley, has some thoughts on how sunyshine affects our behaviour. I think we can all agree that we have had some great weather over the summer period and its still continuing into autumn and winter. Some of us love this weather and some of us could do without it being so warm! This got me thinking about how the sun affects us all in different ways […] more

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The Brain and Bad Habits

Hayley, one of the Back2Balance Chiro Assistants, is very interested in the working of the brain. Why do we do things we implicitly know are not good for us? Hayley explores bad habits, including our posture, and how to change them for the better. We all have bad habits, from sitting on our phones constantly, eating too much junk food, to smoking and drinking more than we should.            We all share bad habits but I think one of the most common is bad posture. I know I’m guilty of this one, and so I wanted to […] more

Can colouring really help battle stress?

Candice Taylor, chiropractor at Back 2 Balance in Brighton and Hove, has a deep interest than the nerve endings, the spine in all its intricacies, and muscle function (though this is her primary work!). Candice is also very aware that the mind plays an important part in the treatment of physical ills. In this blog, Candice explores a simple, yet effective tool to assist in stress reduction. You may have noticed adult colouring books lining the walls of your favourite book-store maybe even picked one up and had a look. Colouring for adults is a trend that has boomed over […] more

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