Lifting! How to lift heavy things with no injury.

Doctor of Chiropractic Mike Ford from Back 2 Balance is an ardent wellbeing proponent. He likes nothing better than improving others’ lives in any way possible, and helping them understand how to keep it that way! In this blog he tells us about lifting, techniques and ways to lift heavy things without injury.

Lifting, depending on the weight and shape of the object being lifted, can be an easy business! We are going to go over three principles to lifting that give you the best chance of moving what you want to, without injury.

  1. How you move! I have written blogs, done videos and generally parroted on about good movement, but it is never so important as when dealing with heavy loads! If you can perform a comfortable, slow, balanced squat, then you have a much better chance of lifting things without injury. Be sure to practise squatting before you lift, be sure to stretch the muscles that feel tight and test your flexibility before cracking on! It can make all the difference between injury and safety.
  2. Your fatigue; the first mistake people generally make when lifting is trying a new movement without any warmup or preparation e.g. ‘Hey honey I am just going to move these boxes out off the cupboard!…..Ahhhh!!! OH NO!!! I’ve hurt my back…etc.’ The best way to ensure you can move something before you try to move it, is to go through the movement a couple of times with no weight. It seems silly but throughout the day your back goes through different phases of fatigue, flexibility and strength, if you try bending to pick something up and you feel stiff or sore do not jump into it! Try limbering up first or resting.
  3. The shape and weight of the object; this is tricky, there are things that no-one can life with ease, a stack of long sticks for example, or a sofa. As a result people often end up twisting, bending forward and generally getting themselves into very mechanically inefficient positions. The further the centre of weight of the object is from you, the heavier it will be. Be aware that even a light item is very heavy when at arms length! Where possible keep the weight close to your body and over the top of your legs!

Obviously if you need guidance about lifting a specific thing, or about getting into heavy weightlifting, or about a past lift that went badly, contact us (01273 206868) and we will make sure everything is working as a well oiled machine!

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