Top 7 Secrets to Ageing Well

Rebecca, chiropractor and owner of Back 2 Balance has been looking after the Brighton and Hove residents for over 13 years and from experience has noticed several factors that influence the ageing process. Here in her latest blog, she gives you her top 7 secrets for ageing well!



  1. Improve Balance– classes including Standing balance exercisesTall and home exercises like balancing on one foot (with nearby support!) are excellent.  Reducing the risk of falling, reduces the chance of injuries, including hip fractures. The  outcome of a person after a hip fracture after a year, is not a good statistic. Don’t become a number and learn about ageing well- work with your chiropractor/osteopath to improve your balance. We do this by making sure the nerve signals from the ankles, up the legs, through the low back and up the spinal cord to the brain is basically what proprioception (balance/joint sense) is. What you may not know is that seeing a chiro/osteo for adjustments to the spine over a 12 week period can also improve balance, coordination and reaction time (Dr Kelly Holt RCT study).

  2. physical exercisesMove, Bend and Stretch– this includes stretching, strengthening and getting your heart pumping hard! Stiffness within the joints has been shown to build up after 2 days of reduced immobility. Yes, 2 days! To keep our bodies from getting stiff we need to stretch out every 2 days. Ask your Brighton and Hove chiropractor/osteopath/massage therapist which ones will be beneficial for you specifically, and which ones to avoid. Strengthening the muscles to keep us living independently is vital. Again, do not start an exercise programme without first consulting your chiropractor/osteopath. Lastly, heart health- research has shown that getting the heart to beat fast and get out of breath for 30 secs and then allow it to recover is a great way of strengthening the heart muscles. This is called interval training, and is currently been shown to be more protective against heart disease than mainstream endurance training like marathon running for example.

  3. supplementsNutrition– Nothing beats a great diet full of veggies and salads and healthy fats and protein. We would however include a couple of vitamins and supplements, especially required as we get older. Our gut and stomach get less efficient at absorbing nutrients from our food, so increase the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals into the body by using some well chosen quality supplements. We would recommend Vitamin D3 and K2 which should be ideally taken in a liquid form. Vitamin D is great for bone health and helps most nutritional transactions that take place within the body. Add in a high dose omega 3 (EPA and DHA) supplement for joint health (or as we call it WD40), good cholesterol, anti inflammatory effects, and general brain/heart health. Magnesium is another good one for health health and muscle aches and pains- using epson or magnesium salt baths are one way, using a spray is another way if you don’t/can’t have access to a bath. Many of these supplements we stock at Back 2 Balance. Ring us on 01273 206868 to purchase.

  4. water helps you age wellWater– most clients we see within the clinic are dehydrated, both clinically and sub-clinically. Sorry to be rude, however, your pee should be clear or light yellow (not strong yellow, unless you are taking certain vitamins etc). Most people I speak to say they drink water by way of tea and coffee, unfortunately this is not really helping your water intake, in fact, depending on the amount of caffeine in the drink, it may actually be dehydrating you. The power of water is immense- reducing the risk of bladder infections, helping lower leg swelling/oedema, great for the skin and joints, and basically most functions within the body. Click here for even more reasons to drink more water! Top tip- stop having liquids in the evening if you want to have a less disturbed night’s sleep!

  5. improve brain health for ageing wellBrain Health– using your memory has been shown specifically to be great to increase the amount of grey matter in your brain. Things like brain games, exercising, getting a good nights sleep, healthy diet, mastering a new skill, try using mnemonics, and NOT multi tasking. Brain games are great for 5-7 min chunks to be effective, so great news that you don’t have to spend 30mins on an already busy day. There are some new technologies that are coming onto the market that also help entrain your brain into one that is primed for health and wellness, rather than stress and anxiety.

  6. top predictor for ageing well-socialisationSocialisation– lots of recent research has shown, that without a doubt, feeling part of a community and having a sense of purpose is one of the best predictors for longevity! Having close social circles, clubs, hobbies, family connections etc all help improve a sense of worth, purpose for living, and a life long and full with happiness/ contentment.

  7. quality sleep helps ageing wellQuality Sleep– The best night’s sleep should include getting to sleep easily, not getting disturbed through the night, and waking feeling refreshed. As we age we do need slightly less sleep at night, however, we can make up for it somewhat if we have 1 or 2 smaller naps throughout the day. Our sleep patterns are usually derived from the amount of light entering our eyes and creating hormone changes. Hence as we age, our eyes often deteriorate and then our bodies and brains think we need less sleep. Having some carbohydrates for your evening meal (not too late) is ideal to kick start your sleep hormones. Click here for our other tips. Make sure you’re ageing well by improving your quality of sleep.

Extra tip – get a thorough spinal assessment from your local chiropractor or osteopath!  Call 01273 206868 to start the journey towards ageing well.

We always love to hear from you- what secrets to ageing well have you found personally- let our tribe know….. post your comments and suggestions below.

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