The power of water and why you should (probably) drink more

12 Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water   The 22nd March 2018 marks World Water Day so I’d thought I’d write a blog on the importance of water. There may well be some health benefits that you weren’t aware of. Rebecca Nicholas is the principle chiropractor and clinic owner of Back 2 Balance.     Water is essential for life. From the time that primeval species ventured from the oceans to live on land, a major key to survival has been prevention of dehydration. The critical adaptations cross an array of species, including man. Without it, humans can survive only for days. […] more

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Importance of getting FIT and why bother

  Michele Oman, associate chiropractor at Back 2 Balance, Hove gives some insights into why getting fit is so incredibly important for each and every one of us. His other passions in life are DIY, nutrition, human movement and motor skills, music, and literature.     Why is it important to get fit?   Most of the human beings on the planet have the desire of remaining alive as much as possible and the people that don’t want that have either depression, some incurable disease or have had great traumas (either physical or psychological). My point is that in our […] more

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Low back pain. Everything you need to know!

  Low back pain is one of the, if not, the most common reasons that clients come to seek our help at Back 2 Balance. Principle chiropractor and clinic owner Dr Rebecca Nicholas, gives you the 101 on low back pain.   There are many different types of low back pain, with different causes. The key to getting the right treatment is to establish which type of back pain you may be suffering from and to seek advice if it is not improving. Your spine is made of 24 freely moveable solid blocks of bone known as vertebra, joined together […] more

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Skiing tips before you go! Injury prevention

  Doctor Rebecca Nicholas (doctor of chiropractic) is a keen skier herself and is lucky enough to go skiing most years. She prepares herself for the physical stresses it places on her body and writes below here top tips to help prevent injury on the slopes.   I’m typing this whilst it’s snowing outside (I currently live in Kent and commute to Brighton and Hove)……     And I thought that if would be a good idea to write some top tips for staying safe on the slopes, getting prepared to be physically fit, and ways to prevent injury whilst skiing/snowboarding! Does […] more

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Brain development. Is yours normal and healthy?

Rebecca Nicholas, chiropractor and clinical director at Back 2 Balance in Brighton and Hove, works with many children and babies with cranial work and gentle spinal adjustments. Recently she has been furthering her knowledge of human brain development and the implications of inadequate maturity.      Normal brain development will happen through the progression from the Reptilian brain, Neo Mammalian brain to the Neocortex. We start out in life helpless, with just a few reflex movements hard-wired to make sure we can feed, breathe and move our neck, body and limbs. As we practise these movement patterns during the first few months of life, we […] more

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Sourdough- how to bake it and why

  Doctor of Chiropractic, Michele Oman, is passionate about human movement and motor skills, music, literature, DIY and nutrition. In this his latest blog he details his journey into baking sourdough bread.     Well, as 2018 is beginning, many of us are going to start New Year resolutions: some of you will start exercising, some others will start eating healthy, and some of you will decide to be vegetarians/vegans etc. One of my New Year resolutions is to start to bake, more specifically, I want to start eating bread that only I make, whilst almost eliminating (if at all possible), processed alternatives. I have chosen sourdough. Gluten […] more

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Knee pain and ways to improve it

    Doctor of Chiropractic, Michele Oman, is passionate about human movement and motor skills, music, literature, DIY and nutrition. In his latest blog he give us an insight into knee pain and some stretches that may help.     Knee pain is a very common complaint. Most of the people that I see here at Back 2 Balance, has had, at some point in their journey within the clinic, asked me to have a look at their knees. Sometimes knee pain is even their major presenting reason for coming. Here you can have a look at the knee anatomy. Hopefully you can appreciate that […] more

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Award winners from our Sept Client Appreciation Party

Each year we hold a ‘Client Appreciation’ party, as a way of us saying how much we value and honour you. This year was no exception! We decided to include an award ceremony too with awards for top referrer, largest family under chiropractic care, biggest improver, as well as other awards inc Winston’s favourite clients (who spoil him!) Here are YOUR award winners for 2017…. Could it be you next year?! Drum roll please………. Top Referrer goes to Peter- Peter has referred a minimum of 4 people to us just this year alone- and the year is not yet finished! Most […] more

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Forward head posture and neck pain

Rebecca Nicholas, chiropractor at Back 2 Balance in Brighton and Hove, describes a common phenomenon- forward head posture or ‘text neck’s as it’s commonly known. Neck pain can be caused by many many reasons, and often starting from something innocuous and seemingly trivial e.g sleeping funny or turning sharply. Below, Rebecca describes a type of repetitive strain injury that results from having your head in a poor position for too long, each and every day. Forward head posture (FHP) or anterior head carriage (AHC) in the chiropractic world, is very common, but not healthy! Things like: Looking down while typing […] more

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Is Wrist Pain stopping you from Typing?

  Doctor of Chiropractic, Michele Oman, is passionate about human movement and motor skills, music, literature, DIY and nutrition. In his latest blog he give us ways to improve wrist function and reduce wrist pain.     How to get rid of wrist pain In the past few weeks I’ve been asked at least three or four times if Chiropractors “do” wrists as well, especially when new clients are ringing the clinic for the first time. The answer, obviously, is yes! As Chiropractors we deal with everything that is part of the musculoskeletal system including wrists, shoulders, hips, knees, feet, etc. […] more

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