National Conference- Back 2 Balance scoops up 4 awards!

On September 20th 2018, your Back 2 Balance spinal health team descended on Essex…..dressed as Blue Cows. If you want to know what the Blue Cow is, it is a metaphor taken from a children’s story.


With excitement and possible trepidation for those of the team who haven’t been to one of these conferences, we travelled up together.

Speakers from all around the world showed up to ignite the passion and energy into us…re affirming our commitment to help as many of our community as possible to move towards more optimal health and thus the joy of life. People like Dr Fab Mancini and Dr Cathy Wendland-Colby, blessed us with their vision and certainty of what the nervous system can do once restored to health.


Towards the end of the day, the organisers gave out clinic awards. All the clinics (and there were at least 30 of them) got to nominate, for things such as CA (chiropractic assistant) of the year, PM (practice manager) of the year, associate of the year, practice owner of the year, and the such. Well, you would never guess what…….your Back 2 Balance team only won 4 awards!!

CA of the year (Hayley)

Female practice owner of the year (Rebecca)

Commendation certificate to Mike (associate) 

Best outfit on the day (all of us!!)

Ask the team when you next come in about it, and ask to see their trophies! I do think their favourite award was the best outfit one! And it was all thanks to Natalie for helping to design the t-shirts 🙂

Call us up on 01273 206868 if we are the people that you would like to receive your chiropractic, osteopathic, or massage care from.


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